Much has been made of Planned Parenthood’s Big Annoucement that it plans to spend $10 million on the 2008 elections. ABC News has a story on it today:

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is promising to spend $10 million this election cycle – three times more than the organization has spent in any previous election.

Look, making these Big Announcements to attract friends and scare enemies is PP’s modus operandi. Words, words. It’s all a scam. PP is just going for the media splash. That’s its endgame here.
PP doesn’t expect anyone to check back after its media splashes. Well here’s 1 person who does.
Does the following sound familiar? In 2002, our old friend Steve Trombley and Planned Parenthood of Chicago promised to spend $1 million in the IL governor’s race, as quoted by Crain’s Chicago Business, June 24, 2002 (click to enlarge):
PP spend 4.jpg
And this is what PP actually spent, according to the IL State Board of Elections website…

PP spend 6.jpg
$42,500, less than 5% of what PP boasted it would. In total, PP spent $67,500 on the 2002 governor’s race, less than 10% of its claim. PP didn’t even spend all Trombley said donors had earmarked for it.
PP lies. The 1st thing anyone should think when PP says anything is, “This is a lie.”
Still, it’s nice PP senses such a threat. Love it. I was surprised by this in the ABC story, although “defending itself” portrays PP as the victim:

Planned Parenthood is defending itself against a range of civil and criminal complaints in several states, and critics charge that the organization is trying to buy influence in Congress.

[HT: reader Kristina]

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