Last weekend 2 Students for Life of America staff members infiltrated a Feminist Majority Conference held at the National Education Association headquarters in DC.
I’ll never understand how the NEA could possibly support aborting it’s future paychecks, but that’s an aside.
Special guest? George Tiller, infamous KS late-term abortionist. And SFL got video….

The video is hard to understand but is subtitled in spots. What I found creepy even for an abortionist was Tiller’s slide show of dead babies he had aborted. For that he got a standing O and hugs.
Other tidbits:

  • Tiller’s contention he had never heard of the Federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act and that aborting babies alive is “sloppy technique,” and “the guy that did that ought to have his head beat up.”
  • Despite his expressed ignorance of Born Alive, Tiller nevertheless speculated Barack Obama opposed it as state senator because it would force an abortionist to “rush” an aborted baby to the hospital “against the mother’s wishes” if s/he should “slip out with a heartbeat,” total mischaracterization of a law that has been in place 5-1/2 years now.
  • Tiller’s contention that while deciding to deliver or abort a handicapped baby is a woman’s “choice,” health insurance companies should also have the “choice” not to cover health costs of “badly damaged” delivered babies.
  • Who will Tiller vote for for president? “The Democrat.”
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