On April 18, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, will boast the
largest U.S. opening of any documentary film ever.
Scheduled for release in 1,000 theatres, Expelled will be hotter than Farenheit 9/11, which debuted on 868 screens, and much more convenient to see than An Inconvenient Truth, which I was surprised to find opened on only four screens nationwide despite all the hype, peaking at 587 before
its appeal melted….
Liberals have been going ape about Expelled for months as it has been
screened around the country….
“This is not a scientific battle; this is a worldview battle,” Expelled producer Mark Mathis told me.

Mathis has encountered unbridled hostility from the scientific establishment, i.e., avowed Darwinists, at reviews…..
Expelled connects atheism and Darwinism with no missing link, one of the film’s two major flashpoints….
“What’s driving it is Darwinism is a foundational principle – scientific validation of secularism, atheism, liberalism – and that it strikes at the core of who they are,” said Mathis….

expelled 4.jpg

Not only is Darwinism foundational to atheism, it is foundational to eugenics, the other
reason for the left’s apoplexy against Expelled, according to Mathis. They
cannot tolerate the connection Expelled draws between Darwinism and Adolf Hitler.
Or Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.
“Planned Parenthood is a direct outgrowth of Darwinism,” said Mathis….

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