weekend question.jpgDavid Bereit, founder of 40 Days for Life, reported this week that of 63 abortion mills pro-lifers conducted 40 days of continuous prayer this spring during Lent – many round-the-clock – 2 have stopped committing abortions and 1 has closed altogether.
Planned Parenthoods in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, have now stopped offering abortion, and Abortion Services, at 200 East Eckerson Road in New York City, closed altogether yesterday.
Several questions. Do you think 40 Days had anything to do with the abortion curtailment, or were these just coincidental incidents? Do you think sustained prayer vigils/pickets at abortion mills can ultimately shut them down by slowing business long enough? Do you think this form of protest is legitimate or harrassment? If you think the latter, do you also disagree with union strikes?

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