On May 28, Denver pro-abort millionaires Joris and Regina Brinkerhoff planned an extravagent $275-a-plate fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains at their $5 million home at 1681 E. Cedar Ave., with its beautiful backyard view of the Denver Country Club.
I’m told the night was gorgeous – as was the location – for pro-lifers to help the Brinkerhoffs educate and entertain their guests.
Pro-lifers greeted guests to the mansion with “Baby” and “Killers” signs they were forced to drive between, large graphic photos of aborted babies, and even a bloody abortion doctor carrying bloody dolls thanking them for their help:
brinker 2.jpg
brinker 3.jpg
If guests tried to play smart and bypass the main entrance for the back, pro-lifers were one step ahead, also there to greet them with a truth truck, more signs, and sidewalk art…

brinker 1.jpg
Then, what a stroke of luck for pro-lifers: A public alley flanked the Brinkerhoff garden and terrace with an unabstructed view!
brinker 4.jpg
Pro-lifers reassembled during cocktail hour to remind pro-aborts what exactly their donations were funding. Pro-aborts didn’t linger outside long:
brinker 5.jpg
Then came the dinner dilemma. According to the Passionate Pro-Lifer, “salads were delivered to the tables on the terrace by waiters and waitress in formal attire only to sit in the elements for over an hour….”
brinker 6.jpg
Finally guests ventured out. After they were seated, a pro-life pastor kindly prayed for the meal from the alley and began to preach. A waiter then upped the ampage on a boom box to drown out helpful information about eternal life, but between songs pro-lifers chanted, “No killing with tranquility.” I’ll say. This was one of the best examples yet.
brinker 8.jpg
[HT: Leslie Hanks of the Passionate Pro-Lifer]

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