nicole 4.jpgWe tracked the latter end of Nicole Richie’s pregnancy (here and here) because she and boyfriend Joel Madden established a foundation to help pregnant and new moms in need and because Richie attributed motherhood with turning her life around.
This month Richie graces the cover of Harper’s Bazaar with more sweet thoughts and photos of daughter Harlow in a feature article.
The website Shine wraps up the piece:

If you’ve ever wanted to see how dramatically motherhood could change a woman’s life, look no further than Nicole Richie. She’s on the cover of the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar and says of her daughter, Harlow, “I owe the baby my life.”…

After stints in rehab, serving time for a DUI (okay, all of 82 minutes) and dealing with an eating disorder, the one-time reality star has definitely changed her ways. Long gone are her partying days with Paris Hilton and jailbird-inspired fashion spreads.
Nicole’s embracing motherhood like nobody’s business.
Now living with boyfriend and baby daddy Joel Madden, the frontman for the band Good Charlotte, the two seem near picture perfect in the beautifully shot photos for Harper’s Bazaar.
In the accompanying article, she dishes on how being a mom has impacted her style, her new, post-baby body and her man. She also mentions that we shouldn’t rule out a duet between Joel and her dad, Lionel Richie (I’m pulling for a punk-inspired remake of Brick House.).
Check out these gorgeous photos of Nicole, Joel, baby Harlow and grandpa Lionel.

I’ve posted those photos below.
I do wish these 2 would get married already.
[HT: reader Carder]
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