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  • Here’s an article on what California’s Proposition 71 will be funding:

    The center will be a highly visible symbol of the region’s commitment to stem cell research, and a place where the taxpayers footing the bill can see what progress their money has fueled, said Dr. Edward Holmes, the consortium’s president and formerly head of UCSD’s medical school.

    If I was a CA taxpayer, I’d be thinking: We were promised cures but all we got for our $6 billion dollars was a bunch of fancy buildings….

  • Canadian MP Ken Epps (sponsor of the Canadian Unborn Victims of Crime Act) absolutely destroys claims made by Joyce Arthur and Lynn Paltrow that Epps’ legislation could be used to police and punish pregnant women. He concludes by saying:

    The onus is on those who claim that C-484 can be used to “police” and “punish” pregnant women to prove how. Given they are unable to do this, then intellectual honesty and integrity demand that they put an immediate end to their campaign of fear.

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  • The Washington Post is featuring an article about a “residential program for homeless adolescent mothers and their children” in Arlington developed by parishioners at a Catholic church:

    The Elizabeth House program is simple: It’s for homeless adolescent girls from 16 to 20 who have decided to keep their babies — and who want to set personal goals, particularly educational ambitions. The group usually takes in young women during their second trimesters, after they have decided to become parents. They can stay in the program two to three years.

    But remember according to some pro-choicers, pro-lifers’ concern for life only extends to birth.

  • Here’s another sad infanticide story. This time the mother, Morgan Hite, gave birth in a bathtub, wrapped her son up in a towel, put him in a tote and left him in a closet. The child was discovered months later by Hite’s father and step-mother. The story says:

    Hite told police she had tried to get an abortion in Anchorage but a women’s health clinic would not perform the procedure because she was 15 1/2 weeks pregnant, the affidavit says. Alaska law limits abortions to the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

    Huh? Not according to Alaska’s abortion statistics. Alaska even gets an “A-“ from NARAL. I’m guessing the “women’s health clinic” is Planned Parenthood which offers surgical abortion through the end of the 13th week.

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