On May 26, columnist Robert Novak wrote about “the leading prospect to become Barack Obama’s running mate,” pro-abort KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.
Novak quoted a disclaimer Sebelius wrote when vetoing a pro-life measure in 2006: “My Catholic faith teaches me that life is sacred. Personally, I believe abortion is wrong.”
sebelius tiller 1.JPGEarlier this month, KS Archbishop Joseph Naumann wrote an open letter to Sebelius asking her not to receive communion due to her pro-abortion stance. He stated Sebelius indicated she felt resigned to support abortion: “The governor has spoken to me on more than one occasion about her obligation to uphold state and federal laws and court decisions.”
Sebelius has an odd way of living out her personally-pro-life-but-obligated-to-be-pro-abort position.
Yesterday Operation Rescue released photos taken at a party hosted by Sebelius on April 9, 2007, for infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller and staff at the governor’s mansion. OR stated its source said the party was “exclusively in Tiller’s honor.”…

Sebelius responded that Tiller had won the dinner by outbidding all others at a Greater KS City Women’s Political Caucus auction, also indicating her hands were clean:

And it is not something that I invite the bidder to bid. It’s not something that I choose the guests. It’s been a tradition… for a variety of groups whose causes I support: We offer an opportunity to come to lunch at Cedar Crest, come to dinner at Cedar Crest. The expenses are reimbursed, and this just happened to be one of them.

tiller 2.jpgOne problem is at the time Tiller was under criminal investigation. Those particular charges were later dropped but new charges added, meaning Tiller is still under criminal investigation.
Another problem is “[h]er use of a taxpayer-funded facility to honor an individual whose money has fueled her campaigns and personal agenda is appalling,” according to Kris Kobach, KS GOP chair, as quoted by LJWorld.com.
The latter charge is sticking a tad. In an expected Sebelius-supportive editorial today, The Wichita Eagle did take her to task for that but closed with a statement to send chills down pro-lifers’ spines:

If nothing else, the past few days have removed all doubt that Sebelius is considered by some to be a serious contender to be Barack Obama’s running mate. If she weren’t, she would not be worthy of this national media kerfuffle.

Chatter about Sebelious’ near top spot on the Democrat ticket is certainly germane here. But still the fact is Sebelius is getting negative national press for her association with an infamous late-term abortionist. And Obama, already vulnerable on this issue, doesn’t need the added aggravation. If Obama doesn’t pick Sebelius, it will be telling, and if he does, it will helpful to our side, providing even more fodder.

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