craigslist 3.jpgOn one certain day, a mother would have to pay $2,500 or more to get rid of her baby. A week later, the baby’s market value has drastically improved and could theoretically be sold for $10,000. Why the remarkable appreciation? And why is selling babies online illegal when it is perfectly legal to advertise online to kill them? From the National Post, May 27:

A Vancouver couple have been arrested but will not be charged after posting an Internet ad on Craigslist, offering their seven-day-old baby for $10,000, police said Tuesday….

Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning said he had never heard of such a thing in his 27 years as a police officer.
Ten police officers worked on the case, he said, tracking the Craigslist posting to a west-end apartment.

“Police knocked at the door and asked if there was a baby in the apartment,” Const. Fanning told reporters….
He said the 23-year-old mother was found nursing a 7-day-old baby.
Among the four adults in the apartment was the baby’s father, also in his 20s….
“They said it was just a hoax,” Const. Fanning explained.
The father, who placed the ad using a computer found in the apartment, was taken to jail.
Police sent a report to Crown recommending a charge of public mischief, but the Crown didn’t feel there was enough evidence to support the charge, he added.
The baby was taken from the couple by a social worker and placed in care….


Last week, authorities in Germany said they were investigating a couple after they offered their 8-month-old son for sale on the Internet auction website EBay.
A number of people had contacted police when they say the posting online offering a baby for a sale because it cried too much. The opening bid was 1 euro ($1.57).
There were no bidders in the auction in the two hours it was posted online. The 23-year-old German woman told police that it was a joke.
Craigslist is an online classified advertising service.

[HT: reader Laura Loo]

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