situation room.jpgCarol Costello of CNN contacted me this morning to be interviewed on my experience with Barack Obama and IL’s Born Alive Infants Protection Act.
So I just got back from taping a segment at the Chicago CNN studio. I was told it would air during The Situation Room, on now. It hasn’t aired yet.
UPDATE, 5:15p: Just talked to Carol, and she didn’t get all of her interviews done in time, she said, so they postponed the segment until tomorrow between 5-6p EST.
SECOND UPDATE, 6/27, 5:35p: The segment will again be postponed – until Monday, between 5-6p EST. Bill Bennett was also interviewed for the piece and is scheduled to appear live on The Situation Room Monday. So he asked that the segment be held until then so he can discuss and rebut it after it airs.

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