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“Welcome” to Colleen, a graduate student interning for Students for Life who director Kristan Hawkins is graciously “lending” me a couple of hours a day. Colleen will compose (Prolifer)ations for the summer. JivinJ will still also contribute his valuable posts, but we just need to think of a new name. Suggestions welcome!
On the pro-life blogs…

  • Andrew Smith of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee reports wonderful news: Another late-term Dallas abortion mill is closing! June 28 was its last day to abort. This indeed, in Bishop Farrell’s words, is “the best news I’ve heard all week.”
    pp racism.jpg

  • Gabriel at the Culture Campaign links to a article on the Defund Planned Parenthood protest last Thursday in Washington, DC. Activists gathered at both the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters denouncing PP as a racist organization, arguing it deliberately targets black communities. The Washington Times also has a good article.
  • Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol and JivinJ link to articles in the Times of London and the Daily Telegraph about doctors in the UK screening embryos for the breast cancer gene. While one “designer embryo” will be born without the breast cancer gene, six siblings were killed because they carried it. The mother and doctors apparently failed to consider, as Dawn writes:

    Think about the women you know who have suffered from breast cancer. Would the world be a better place if they never had existed?

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