tiller and sebelius.jpgI reported May 29 on a private party pro-abort KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius hosted for late-term abortionist George Tiller and staff on April 9, 2007.
Whoops, the plot thickens, as it always does when involving KS and abortion.
April 28, 2008: Operation Rescue requests receipts for the event via the Open Records Act.
May 23, 2008: The Greater KS City Women’s Political Caucus reimburses the state $848 for the event.
May 23, 2008: Governor’s office sends OR the receipts with a cover letter stating…

Wow, May 23, what a day of coincidences.
Gotta say Sebelius is cool like Obama. No wonder she’s on his list for VP. Here’s Sebelius being interviewed May 28 acting dismissive, stating, “the woman’s political caucus paid for the event,” but not mentioning it had only been 5 days prior, over a year after the fact. Click on graphic below to link to video:
sebelius cool.jpg
Sebelius’ spokesperson, Nicole Corcoran, explained the oversight was “due to staff turnover and the length of time between the purchase of the auction item (September, 2005) and the date the reception was scheduled (April, 2007).”
Corcoran said Sebelius staff is now poring over other past events to find more oversights, but “no other errors of this type have surfaced,” according to the Kansas City Star.
This was just another in a long line of nothings having to do with nothing. Sebelius never intended taxpayers to foot her pal Tiller’s caviar. (I’m told he loves caviar.) Just forget about this. Honest mistake.
[Photo of Tiller and Sebelius at party courtesy of OR]

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