act now.jpgA fierce fight was launched last week over a proposed Department of Health and Human Services regulation that would attach financial strings to laws that have been in place for 35 years guaranteeing health care providers and institutions the right to practice medicine without violating conscience.
See my previous post for backdrop.
If you’ve paid attention to the news, you’ve seen the other side has inundated MSM outlets, the White House, and DHHS with ferocious protests.
Pro-lifers must fight back, and today….

First, call the DHHS and White House comment lines and simply state:

Health care professionals have a right to practice medicine without violating conscience. Please issue regulations protecting conscience rights soon.

DHHS: 202-205-5445
WH: 202-456-1414
Also please call your congressperson and ask him or her to sign on to a letter sponsored by Reps. Dave Weldon of FL and Lincoln Davis of TN expressing this same sentiment. Deadline to sign on to this letter is close of business tomorrow.
The other side is circulating a letter to its pro-abort members. Currently they have about 90 signers and we only have about 60. We need to get our numbers up.
A letter is also being drafted in the Senate, but it has not yet been formalized. For now just call House members.
Action again: Call White House, DHHS, and your US rep now. It’ll take 5 minutes total. Don’t worry about being asked to engage in conversation and being asked questions you don’t have the answers to. That won’t happen.
This regulation will help ensure faithful pro-life hospitals, health care workers, and pharmacists aren’t forced to participate in abortion or dispense potentially abortive drugs.

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