Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgKELO News reported that the only abortion mill in SD, Planned Parenthood of Sioux Falls, did not abort yesterday in response to a newly enforced 2005 abortion law, which I reported on July 18.
Yesterday was the 1st day mill workers were to read a script to mothers at least 2 hours before a scheduled abortion stating “the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being,” and “abortion increases the risk of suicide ideation and suicide.” The law also states mothers must sign that they understand.
Here is the KELO video report on yesterday’s non-goings on…

Both and spoke to pro-life sidewalk counselors on the scene confirming PP’s doors were locked.
In fact, PP did not even notify scheduled patients it was closing for the day, demonstrating as we all know it is a nonprofessional, low class operation that disrespects women. Reported the Voices Carry blog:

Five women arrived for appointments and found the doors were closed and locked. Hmm. All eventually left, one came back, left again. One went to the Alpha Center and got the straight scoop on other options besides killing her baby. Now she’ll be able to make a better choice. Another talked to one of the Bound4Life (SD chapter) prayer team members praying at the clinic at 8:15 this morning and she was weeping. She said she had an appointment for an abortion at 8:30 AM. Mondays are typically busy days there – full parking lot. Today, it was very quiet. Two staff cars were in the lot but no one came to the door….
The two staff cars were still there at 1 PM but no one brought in the doctor as is typical for today. All the flights into Sioux Falls this morning were on schedule. [JLS note: This PP has to fly its abortionists in, making it difficult to develop a dr/patient relationship, to say the least.]…
Locals will remember the defiant banner they hung out in the fall of ’06 – “THESE DOORS WILL REMAIN OPEN.” Folks, they were closed today. They’ll probably open tomorrow, but what we are seeing is the courts start to shut this dark regime down. The media tried to get into PP to do a story on them complying with the 8th Circuit ruling and I’m told that request was denied.

these doors will stay open.jpg
I called the Sioux Falls PP 30 minutes ago, and this is how my brief conversation with scheduler Lisa went:

Jill: Are you still conducting abortions?
Lisa: Yep.
Jill: So the news reports were incorrect?
Lisa: They must be, yes.

No blog or news reports on today yet. Will keep you posted.
Meanwhile, dear Jessica at Feministing needs to retake Biology 101, if she ever completed high school. Responded Jessica to the law and court ruling: “So basically, they have to provide patients with false information.”
[HT: intern Colleen W.; photo courtesy of Voices Carry]

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