This week liberal bloggers, feminists, and MSM made fools of themselves with their hypocritical and misogynist digs at Sarah and Bristol Palin. Conservative political cartoonists picked up on them. See more on page 2, all all courtesy of, on page 2. Vote for your favorite.
by John Cole
cartoon 9-4 john cole.jpg
by Chip Bok

cartoon 9-3 chip bok.jpg
by Scott Stantis
cartoon 9-2 Scott stantis.jpg
by Robert Arial
cartoon 9-4 robert arial.jpg
by Gary Varvel
cartoon 9-4 gary varvel.jpg
by Glenn McCoy
cartoon 9-4 glenn mccoy.jpg
by Chip Bok
cartoon 9-4 chip bok.jpg
by Jerry Holbert
cartoon 9-3 jerry holbert.jpg
by Dana Summers
cartoon 9-2 dana summers.jpg
by Eric Allie
cartoon 9-3 eric allie.jpg
by Eric Allie
cartoon 9-4 eric allie.jpg
by Michael Ramirez
cartoon 9-5 michael ramirez.jpg
by Jerry Holbert
cartoon 9-5 jerry holbert.jpg

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