weekend question.jpgOn October 16 Matt Lauer interviewed Angelina Jolie on NBC’s Today Show re: her new film, Changeling. The full interview is below, but there were a couple spots to investigate others’ thoughts on.
The first came when Jolie described her character in Changeling, at 4:06 in the video…

She reminds of my mom, not my mother just by the way she looks, but there there was something about my mother’s face and the kindness and the warmth and the openness and the frailty, where she wasn’t this modern woman that I am with the confidence maybe that I’m able to have.
She was shyer and she was more feminine in a certain way, and there’s something so beautiful about that that the modern woman feels we should maybe not – we should stay away from a little bit because we want to be so strong. But there is so beautiful and lovely about a natural soft woman mother that I felt – was very pleased to play.

Do you agree modern women have lost or are afraid to display their feminism, ironically thanks to the feminist movement?
The second came Laurer probed Jolie/Pitt’s plans for more children. They currently are parents to 3 biological and 3 adopting children. Look for this segment at 11:13 in the video:
angelina tattoos.jpg

Lauer: And you’ve talked about having more children, adding to the group, would you consider adopting again? Yeah? Do you have anything in mind?
Jolie: Yeah.
Lauer: Come on [laughing], “yeah,” yeah period. Is it something you’d do soon?
Jolie: It depends. I mean it’s important – you can’t adopt – you can’t even start the process until any new children are 6 months old to understand how the new family has settled to see what you can absorb into your new family. And I think it’s a smart thing anyway, to understand, you know, when it’s the right time to bring another child in.

What are your thoughts on Pitt/Jolie’s large brood and plans to add to the brood? If you’re favorable to their adopting, would you have the same inclination if they added natural children instead or in addition to adopted children? Large families are no longer the norm in American culture. Do you find Jolie/Pitt’s large family intriguing or with merit?
Here’s the interview:

[HT: proofreader Laura Loo]; photo of Jolie, courtesy of The Improper, taken on October 4 in NY, is of 2 new tattoos displaying the longitudinal and latitudinal location where twins Knox and Vivienne were born in France under the birth locations of her other 4 children]

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