Two historical figures provided major abortion triggers, IMO.
The 1st was Thomas Malthus, who proposed at the turn of the 19th century that the solution for starvation and poverty was not providing the poor with food an shelter but was creating less poor. Malthus was the father of the overpopulation theory. Until Malthus, fertility was good.
year of darwin.jpgThe 2nd was Charles Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution about 50 years later, which rejected God as the creator of Man in His own image.
In fact, Malthus’s theory influenced Darwin’s theory, which I didn’t know until studying for this post. The 2 dots are connected.
Not only was Abraham Lincoln born 200 years ago on February 12, 1809, so was Charles Darwin.
So evolution followers have proclaimed this the Year of Darwin.
Even while the theory of evolution is being forced fed in our public schools as fact, and disbelievers scoffed, Gallup has found in a new poll that only 4 in 10 believe in the evolutionary theory.
darwin evolution.jpg
About this, Citizen Link reported:

This follows an earlier Gallup poll on the issue, conducted in May 2008, that found 44% believe God created human beings within the past 10,000 years.

For more information go to Discovery Institute and Creation Museum websites.
[HT: reader Travis M.; graphic courtesy of Science magazine]

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