UPDATE, 11:05a: Read Operation Rescue’s statement condemning Katherine Rundle’s response to FL legislators. It makes very good points.
I reported last week that members of the FL House of Representatives sent a letter to Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Rundle urging her to prosecute the July 2006 murderer(s) of baby Shanice Williams.
renelique gonzalez.jpgShanice was allegedly zipped, moving and breathing, into a biohazard bag in the now defunct A Gyn Diagnostics abortion mill by owner Belkis Gonzalez after she survived her late-term abortion. Gonzalez still operates 2 other Miami area mills. She is pictured on the far right, with Shanice’s abortionist, Pierre Renelique, to her left. The FL Board of Medicine revoked his license February 6.
FL pro-lifer Ed Brophy sent me a photo copy of this letter and Rundle’s quick response….

Rundle assumed her current position when picked to take Janet Reno’s place after Reno got the call from President Clinton to be his Attorney General.
Rundle’s political proclivities have raised concerns she is not amenable to pro-life issues such as this case’s invoke. There’s no other explanation for the foot-dragging, although Rundle attempts to do so in her letter. Grab a copy of the FL House letter here and printed names of signers here.
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Meanwhile, Rev. Patrick Mahoney and the Christian Defense Coalition held a press conference February 20 in front of Rundle’s office to draw attention to Shanice’s case.
shanice - rev pat.jpg
shanice - rev pat 2.jpg
[Photos courtesy of the Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue]

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