When pro-lifers occupy the White House, we pro-lifers ponder what they should say during their State of Union addresses about our issue (and we’re usually disappointed).
obama state of the union.jpgNow it is the other side’s turn. President Obama isn’t giving a State of the Union speech tonight, but it will look an awful lot like one. So pro-aborts are weighing in.
I frankly hope Obama says nothing about abortion. Whatever he might say would infuriate me, particularly if he sympathizes that this is a tough issue (why?), but he trusts women and doctors to make the right decision. In reality Obama is so hard-core cold and calculatingly pro-abortion he is pro-infanticide if letting abortion survivors live would get in abortion’s way.
Aspen Baker at RH Reality Check has made a pitch for Obama to address post-abortive mothers, which I find surprising. Baker thought Obama “should acknowledge the unique and legitimate moral and emotional experiences of women who have had abortions.” In fact, Baker went so far as to write Obama’s doing so could “reframe the whole debate….”
Baker listed suggestions to Obama from pro-abortion post-abortive women, a group she is apparently a member of….

“I know it was really hard for you and you were very unhappy for a while afterwards, and I also know that you did the right thing, because nobody else knows what you need as well as you do.”
“I can only imagine how difficult a position you must have been in, and I respect and honor the thought and care that you used in making your decision.”
“I believe that you were thoughtful and compassionate as you considered the heart-wrenching, life-altering and soul-splintering place that you were in regarding the potential for life within you. I respect your choice and the strength required to choose, and the courage to live, truly live alongside your choice each day.”
post abortion3.jpg“I’m sorry you were in such a difficult time in your life, and I will do my best to protect other women who face similar issues.”
“I know it was not an easy choice, but I trust you with the choice you made. And I respect your right to make the choice.”
“I trust that you have made the most responsible, intelligent and moral decision for yourself and your family.”

I empathize with Aspen and her pro-abortion post-abortive friends. I sense real pain. It must be hard to support a position one’s heart whispers it knows by experience is wrong… to be unable to fully lament the loss of one’s child by abortion without acknowledging that wrongness.
But Aspen, President Obama can’t go there. If he did, his abortion industry financial and vote-getting supporters would be all over him. To go there would be to acknowledge abortion might be wrong.
At any rate, Aspen, a kind word from President Obama won’t fix the ache.
[HT: Reader Susie A.]

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