Recalling the July 2006 story of the abortion survivor zipped moving and breathing into a biohazard bag at a Hialeah, FL, abortion mill, read this from Fox News, February 27:

A University of AZ sophomore was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder and child abuse, Wednesday, after she gave birth to an infant in a communal university shower hall and then placed the child in a plastic bag….

sarah tatum.jpg

Sarah Tatum, 19, who allegedly hid her pregnancy from the other students in her dorm, telling them that she had been gaining weight due to a thyroid problem, was discovered by two of her hallmates in the shower hall… with a bag of what they thought were bloody clothes….
When the pair looked more closely at the bag, however, they realized that it was moving and that Tatum had placed her child inside.
“The plastic bag was the kind with the draw string on top,” said Jaime Perez, a… freshman, who… is a close friend of one of the hallmates who found Tatum. “She tied the bag so tight that the policeman had to cut it with a knife.”

Added the AZ Daily Wildcat today…

When officers arrived… they asked Tatum if she had been bleeding. She said she had a bloody nose earlier in the shower, but she was fine now, the report said.
When an officer walked toward a “large lump on the floor” Tatum said she had a miscarriage and had been about six months pregnant, according to police.
Tatum was charged with first-degree attempted murder and child abuse after police determined she had given birth to a 7-pound boy and put him in a plastic bag, according to an interim complaint filed in Pima County Justice Court.
A University Medical Center official said that, as of Sunday afternoon, the baby remained in critical condition.

And more from the AZ Daily Wildcat, February 27:

When police cut open the bag the full term 7-pound baby boy was “gasping for air.”…
After birth, the baby was left in the bag, along with Tatum’s dirty clothes, for at least 2 hours, according to a UMC physician who was referenced in the complaint. The doctor said the baby was suffering from hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation.

Then there’s this lovely rationalization, a letter in the AZ Wildcat today:

… [T]here is a good possibility that Tatum hails from a conservative family – with parents who she may have been afraid to go to for help and guidance in a situation of this nature. It is all too common for conservatives to disown their daughters when they become pregnant at a young age, or when they may come to the conclusion that the best choice would be the termination of the pregnancy….
… [L]et this tragedy serve as a reminder to all that the freedom of choice is supposed to prevent atrocities such as this. But who could make a decision like this one without the love and support of their parents?…

The writer, DaniellaTrimble, has got to be kidding. She assumes Sarah Tatum’s parents are “conservative,” and this somehow drove “terrified” Tatum not to abort but to try instead to suffocate her newborn baby?
Trimble theorizes “the freedom of choice is supposed to prevent atrocities such as this.” However, an unintended consequence of abortion is the desensitization of killing born children, as both Tatum and Trimble demonstrated.
[Photo courtesy of East Valley Tribune]

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