UPDATE, 10:20a: Petition signatures at NotreDameScandal.com just topped 160k.
Tom Roeser, chairman of the board of Catholic Citizens of Illinois and popular radio talk show host, has proposed on his blog:

What can authenticist Catholics do about Notre Dame which has invited Barack Obama to be its 2009 commencement speaker-an invitation Obama has accepted?

nuclear option.gif

Catholics can…(a) write the president, Rev. John Jenkins, CSC but will get a very nice letter back.
They can (b) write the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Francis George and they will get a very short, crisp letter back saying he does not have jurisdiction over Notre Dame, thank you and please pray for me as I pray for you as we pray for all etc.,etc., etc.
They can (c) write the bishop of Fort WayneSouth Bend, Bishop John Michael D’Arcy and ask him to pressure Notre Dame to change its mind. They will get a pro-forma letter back.
They can (d) make a list of the trustees of the university and write them, try to pressure them. Not very effective.
Finally, by organizing a group of alumni they can write to and visit the bishop, Bishop D’Arcy and urge him to employ the “nuclear option.”…

The nuclear option belongs to every Ordinary – the power to remove the Catholic identification from the offending school. A negotiation can begin where the Ordinary says that unless the university behaves like a Catholic institution, it should not misrepresent itself as one….
Assuredly, for an Ordinary to even raise the possibility of stripping Catholic identity will strike a match that could launch a revolution to reclaiming Catholic universities….

A related column by Gene Zurlo at Inside Catholic:

During the recent presidential race, President Obama’s campaign was able to divide Catholics and forge a majority (54%) who voted against the teachings of the Church. How could this have happened? These Catholics either must not know what the Church teaches, or simply don’t care.

cino 666.jpg

It is the responsibility of our bishops to teach the Faith and discipline the faithless, but many of them have failed to meet their responsibilities. What can the lay faithful do to move our bishops to action?…
It is clear our efforts heretofore have had little effect, probably because we weren’t pushing the right buttons that would motivate our bishops. Recent events, however, suggest a course of action that the laity can take to encourage change.
A few weeks ago, legislation was introduced in… CT… that would have put severe limits on the control of bishops over their diocesan finances and administration. In almost no time, the 3 CT bishops reacted with a force and alacrity rarely seen, particularly when compared with issues of life and marriage.
A few years ago, faithful Catholics in the Archdiocese of San Francisco were able to move then-Archbishop William Levada to action by threatening to withhold contributions. This worked because the archdiocese realized that their policy of placating dissident Catholics in order to retain their contributions was a losing proposition in the face of the potential loss of money from faithful Catholics.
These events teach us that threats to power and revenue streams will get the attention of bishops and can move them to right action. In those dioceses where bishops do not defend life and marriage and who tolerate Catholic politicians who vote and otherwise act against the Church’s teachings, faithful Catholics should organize “donor strikes.” Notify the diocesan bishop that funds formerly given to the diocese and parishes (from which the diocese collects a tax) will be redirected to charities such as Priests for Life or Human Life International….

[HT for Roeser post: Jim Finnegan; for Zurlo piece: Deal Hudson]

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