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Because I was on vacation in January I never got a chance to mention Newsweek quoted me in a piece it did on the anniversary of Roe v Wade:

“He’s [Obama] got the House, he’s got the Senate, so I think we may go more guerilla warfare, or go back to working harder on your own turf, protesting at your abortion clinic in your town,” says Jill Stanek, a prominent pro-life blogger.

There was more, but that was the germane part to this post.
So pro-aborts have taken my “guerilla warfare” statement and run with it. Again, because I was on vacation, I didn’t get a chance to post this NARAL email alert either…

guerilla warfare.jpg
But NARAL today referred to it again, footnoting to the Newsweek piece, giving me the hook for discussion. Click to enlarge:
guerilla 3.jpg
So apparently NARAL has promoted my comment to permanent status. I knew as soon as I spoke pro-aborts would use it somehow. But humbly I bow at its enduring fame.
And congrats to Personhood USA!

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