On April 5, Palm Sunday, the pro-life student group NDResponse.com sponsored a rally at Notre Dame with over 400 participants – during spring break – to prayerfully protest its invitation to President Barack Obama to speak at its May 17 commencement.
The following WSBT.com video spotlighted the event but added in the intro, “But… supporters of the president also showed up.” I noted the 2 Obama fans WSBT interviewed were both black, recalling this president who decries racism got 95% of the black vote.

Then I spotted an April 6 Fox28.com news piece, “Notre Dame students rally in support of Obama”…

Notre Dame students got together Monday night at the LaFortune Student Center to support the school’s commencement invitation to President Obama.
The Black Cultural Arts Council and the NAACP were among the groups signing a petition asking university officials not to rescind the invitation to the president.

The news video shows only black participants…

… and the student interviewed, Amber Travis, tried to make the debate one of race:

The United States have finally come together as a people, as a cul-, as a country, and then for, you know, for this to happen, it’s like really saddening, for, you know, not only me but my classmates, for my schoolmates, it’s saddening for a lot of us, that it’s even going on in the first place.

In, fact, as everyone knows, the complaints against Obama speaking at Notre Dame have universally focused on his radical support of abortion.
On one hand it is insulting to make the uproar about Obama’s appearance into one about race. On the other, if black students really want to go there, there is plenty of evidence the abortion industry targets African-Americans. While blacks comprise only 12% of the population, they account for 37% of all abortions.
If ND black student groups want to have a discussion about race as it enters into Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame, it might not be a bad idea, affording a teaching moment…
racial choice 1.jpg
racial choice 3.jpg
[Signs courtesy of the Center for Bioethical Reform]

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