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  • The Hill reports that some pro-life groups are upset at the lack of grilling during the Sebelius confirmation hearings.
  • According to The Voice, GA legislators have passed a bill to provide a legal framework for embryo adoption where embryos are no longer “donated.”
  • From the BBC: researchers in the UK are hoping to control adult stem cells with magnets to treat patients with damaged bones….

  • Albert Mohler notices how some culture of death advocates have done a poor job hiding the ugliness of their ideas:

    So, Ludwig Minelli argues that suicide is a “marvelous, marvelous human possibility” that will cut medical costs and Bonnie Erbe argues that abortion is “a good decision” that will benefit us all.
    The Culture of Death usually disguises itself better than this. Here the ugliness and brutality — the utter Godlessness of such proposals are here for all to see. Worldviews matter. Indeed, worldviews are a matter of life and death.

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