• One speaker at last Sunday’s rally by pro-life students protesting Notre Dame’s invitation of radical pro-abort President Barack Obama to give its May 17 commencement address and receive an honorary doctor of laws degree was Alfred Freddoso, ND Professor of Philosophy and Oesterle Professor of Thomistic Studies. Read his excellent speech at Catholic.org.
    the case against barack obama nyt.jpg Because of the ND administration’s action, Professor Freddoso revealed he will not be able to attend his own son’s graduation.
    He also mentioned, in so many words, another of his 4 children who have graduated from ND, David:

    … So no one can pretend that the administrators of Our Lady’s university, who undoubtedly issued their invitation to the President long before Inauguration Day, were ignorant of his intentions. (In fact, I hear that there was a pre-election New York Times bestseller, written by a ND graduate that spelled out those intentions in great detail and with impeccable documentation.)

    In fact, David devoted an entire chapter of his book, The case against Barack Obama, to Obama’s opposition as state senator to IL’s Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

  • American Life League has released a video including revealing interviews with ND students about the Obama debacle. ALL closes with a call I’m hearing more of, for the powers that be to remove ND from the directory of Catholic universities if it does not rescind its invitation to Obama…

  • Mark your calendars. The student group NDResponse.com will hold a March for Life on campus April 17 at 6p. Public invited.
  • The ND alumni group, Project Sycamore, organized several months ago to help restore ND’s Catholic identity (great timing), has issued a statement encouraging disenfranchised alumni to donate to “The Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life.” ND previously authorized this fund, so contributions to ND can be directed to it. Read more here.
  • The petition drive at NotreDameScandal.com crossed the 250k signer threshhold April 7.
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