Yesterday I wrote, then deleted for this post my conspiracy theory, that pro-aborts were expressing concern about Sonia Sotomayor’s Roe v. Wade bonafides for the express purpose of deflating pro-life concerns about same.
Last night a DC conservative insider confirmed them.
sotomayor applause.jpg“I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy theory,” she said. “It’s strategy. We employed the same strategy during the Roberts and Alito confirmations, particularly Alito.”
She said Alito was a stealth candidate similar to Sotomayor. “We knew Alito opposed Roe,” she said, “just as with so many pro-abort leaders on the inside of the White House now they know without a doubt that Sotomayor supports Roe.”…

She explained the other side is using groups and people all along the spectrum, from unconditional supporters to those downright angry, to get Sotomayor through the process and onto the bench.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re feeding information to the Daily Kos types to infuriate them,” she said. “And they’re having some groups feign skepticism to disarm Republicans.”
In 1990 NARAL expressed exactly the same concerns about pro-abort stealth candidate David Souter as it is expressing today about Sotomayor. I previously wrote that pro-abort Republican Sen. Warren Rudman knew Souter was one of them but made it his job to hide that fact. Warren was surely part of the insider cabal.
It appears the strategy is working and that Senate Republicans plan to lay down and die. From CNN yesterday:

The longest-serving Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee told CNN Radio on Thursday that, barring any surprises, Sonia Sotomayor is headed for a Supreme Court confirmation….

orrin hatch.jpg“If there are no otherwise disqualifying matters here, it appears to me she will probably be confirmed,” Sen. Orrin Hatch of UT [pictured left] said….
Democrats were relieved Wednesday when Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL, and the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said he did not think Republicans would block the nomination with a filibuster….
The Senate Democratic aide involved in the confirmation process said Democrats are pleased with the initial response from Republican senators to Sotomayor’s nomination, saying it was a “good sign” that GOP senators have not adopted some of the language coming from [Rush] Limbaugh and [Newt] Gingrich.
If the fire-breathing rhetoric is contained to the far right element, it doesn’t jeopardize the nomination,” the aide said.

(Why is it “fire-breathing rhetoric” when our side interrogates and opposes judicial nominees and considered reasonable when the other side does? Typical MSM bias to allow such comments to go unchallenged, thus aiding in reporting spin.)
[Photo attribution: ABC News]

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