george kmiec glendon.jpgThanks to Professors Michael New and Robert George, I received clearance last week to attend a debate tomorrow from 5p to 6:30p EST at the National Press Club in DC between George and Catholic Obama apologist Doug Kmiec. I flew in yesterday.
Entitled, “The Obama Administration and the Sanctity of Human Life: Is There a Common Ground on Life Issues? What is the Right Response by ‘Pro-Life” Citizens?”, the debate is an outcome of an online debate at US News & World Report.
The debate will be moderated by Professor Mary Ann Glendon, of Harvard Law School.
You’ll recall Glendon declined Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal upon ND’s decision to honor Obama, as well.
The event is being hosted by the Catholic University of America, which will videotape the event and make it available for viewing immediately after the debate.
EWTN will also tape the debate for a later broadcast.
I’m told there will be Internet access, so I plan to live-blog from the event. I also plan to Twitter/Facebook the goings on, which will become Plan A through my phone if I can’t get online.
So if you’re not following me yet, please do. I’m registered as JillStanek at Twitter and Jill Stanek at Facebook.

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