It’s a boy this time for the misnomered “pregnant man” Thomas Beatie (pictured right with first child, Susan).
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Sky News reports today:

A controversial transgender man has given birth to his second child, a year after his daughter was born.
Thomas Beatie delivered a healthy baby boy early on Tuesday morning, according to ABC News. His wife Nancy will breast-feed their son, as she did with their daughter Susan Juliette, who was born in OR in June last year….

During his first pregnancy, Mr. Beatie released a photograph of himself showing his pregnant belly and bearded face. He became known around the world as the “pregnant man” and was sent death threats and hate messages by people who disagreed with what he was doing.
The 35-year-old said at the time: “I think that people will be shocked because no-one’s ever heard of a man giving birth before.
“I guess it’s a shocking concept, but in this day and age that’s possible. And it’s happening now.”

Sorry to break this to you, Thomas, but you’re not actually a man. Men don’t have functioning female reproductive organs, including the uterus. The article continues:

Mr Beatie, who was born as Tracy Lagondino, underwent gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment to become a man. He chose to keep his female reproductive organs but is legally recognized as a male.
The couple decided he would bear their children because Mrs. Beatie, 46, had already had a hysterectomy and was unable to conceive. After stopping his male hormone treatment, he became pregnant with donor sperm bought on the internet.

People also covered the story, adding:

Sources tell ABC it was a “natural childbirth….”

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