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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Big Blue Wave quotes pro-choicer Megan McArdle’s piece in The Atlantic, which McArdle claims may anger many of her readers…

    … [R]eally broad swathes of the pro-choice movement seem to genuinely not understand that this is a debate about personhood, which is why you get moronic statements like “If you think abortions are wrong, don’t have one!” If you think a fetus is a person, it is not useful to be told that you, personally, are not required to commit murder, as long as you leave the neighbors alone while they do it.
    Conversely, if Africans are not people, then slavery is not wrong. Or at least it’s arguably not wrong – if Africans occupy some intermediate status between persons and animals, then there is at least a legitimate argument for treating them like animals, rather than people.
    The difference between our reaction to the two is that now we know Africans are people. It seems ridiculous to think that anyone ever thought they might not be people. They meet all the relevant criteria for personhood in 21st century America.
    But of course, those criteria are socially constructed. The definition of personhood (and, related, of citizenship) changes over time. It generally expands – as we get richer, we can, or at least do, grant full personhood to wider categories. Except in the case of fetuses. We expanded “persons” to include fetuses in the 19th century, as we learned more about gestation. Then in the late 1960s, for the first time I can think of, western civilization started to contract the group “persons” in order to exclude fetuses.
    … I am also aware that a lot of very fine thinkers were seduced into reasoning that Africans weren’t people. Whatever evidence they thought they had, we’re pretty sure how they arrived at their conclusions: African personhood would have caused enormous personal and social upheaval. Thousands of their friends and family would have personally suffered enormously without their slave wealth. Ergo, slaves weren’t people!
    … I’ve never sat down and thought, “how do I know that Africans are human beings?” I know…. But presumably if I’d been raised in 1840 Alabama, I’d know just as certainly that they weren’t.

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  • In the Americans United for Life blog, Mailee Smith reports on the possibility that NY will allow taxpayer money to be given to researchers “who have paid women for the harvesting of their eggs for research purposes”:

    But the ethics committee shirked a glaring problem: egg harvesting endangers women’s health. Egg donation requires preliminary hormone treatment, and this hormone therapy is accompanied by serious health risks including an increased risk of ovarian cancer and complications with future pregnancies. Other risks include ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS), which can cause loss of fertility, organ failure, and death….
    At a “reimbursement” rate around $10k, women hard-hit by the economy will be more likely to take risks they would not have otherwise taken. The result is the commoditization of eggs and the exploitation of women….
    In 2008, AUL, in conjunction with [the Family Research Council’s] Dr. [David] Prentice, provided an extensive report to NY’s stem cell board demonstrating that therapies utilizing adult stem cells are already treating patients and that any taxpayer money should be used for treatments that are already proven to be working. The ethics committee ignored these hard facts.

  • La Shawn Barber comments on the AP’s story of a teen girl who has been charged with the attempted murder of her unborn child:

    A teenager “allegedly” hired a man to beat her up so she could miscarry. The baby survived. The girl was charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, and the beat-upper was charged with attempted murder….
    Let me see if I’m smart enough to follow this. If I hire someone to beat my baby to death, in utero, I could be charged with murder if the baby dies. But if I hire an infanticide “doctor” to crush my baby to death (or tear him limb from limb, if you prefer), in utero, I’m off the hook.
    … Why is she being criminally charged? And how can he be charged with attempting to murder something she didn’t want? Abortionists do it all the time. Oh… give me a second… I get it now. An abortionist is licensed to practice the “medicine” of murdering babies, and any Joe Blow off the street is not. I see the distinction.

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