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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • In Mark Crutcher’s most recent blog, he addresses the pro-choice media’s exaggeration of abortion-related violence, most notably, the murder of abortionists…

    To see how overblown this issue has been, consider just the two years during which the most violence against abortion providers took place. Of the 8 total murders that have occurred at America’s abortion mills during the past 36 years, 5 were in 1993 and 1994 alone. But according to government statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, during those same 2 years there were 2,154 other people killed in work-related homicides in the US….
    In other words, during the worst period of “pro-life violence” in American history, more farmers and twice as many hairdressers were murdered on the job than abortion clinic workers and abortionists combined. And remember, the 5 abortion clinic killings during 1993 and 1994 account for all but 3 of the killings that have happened in the history of the pro-life struggle…..
    … [A]ny objective analysis of this issue shows that the level of violence committed by people opposed to abortion has been grotesquely exaggerated and that the pro-life movement is, by far, the most peaceful socio-political movement of its size and tenure in American history. To see the truth of that, all you have to do is study the other causes which are most similar: the anti-slavery, civil rights, and labor struggles. It is not opinion but provable fact that, in those movements, there have been many times during which more violence was committed in a single day than has taken place in the entire 36-year history of the pro-life movement.


  • Culture Campaign spotlights an ABC news report on the secret, very promiscuous sexual lives of many young teens:

    In the documentary, “Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss,” girls as young as 11 years old talk about having sex, going to sex parties and – in some extreme situations – crossing into prostitution by exchanging sexual favors for money, clothes or even homework and then still arriving home in time for dinner with the family.
    “Five minutes and I got $100,” one girl said. “If I’m going to sleep with them, anyway, because they’re good-looking, might as well get paid for it, right?”
    Another girl talked about being offered $20 to take off her shirt or $100 to do a striptease on a table at a party.
    The girls are almost always from good homes, but their parents are completely unaware, [Canadian filmmaker Sharlene] Azam said….
    “I mean, we’re not looking for our future husbands,” one girl said. “We’re just looking for, maybe like … at our age, especially, I think all of us, both sexes, we have a lot of urges, I guess, that need to be taken care of. So if we resort to a casual thing, no strings attached, it’s perfectly fine.”
    Azam said she thinks the “no strings attached” romances could be a defense mechanism against a greater disappointment.
    “A lot of girls are disappointed in love,” she said. “And I think they believe they can hook up the way guys do and not care.
    “But unfortunately, they do care.”

  • Generations for Life reports on the recent “overhaul” to Planned Parenthood’s Teenwire website, now entitled, Teen Talk. The name has changed, but the lack of class hasn’t:

    One of the videos featured on the site (which originally appeared on the old Teenwire site) is called “The Sexually Transmitted Infection Petting Zoo”, which includes a quiz that tests your knowledge of STIs/STDs and how they are spread….
    Not only does PP recommend some things that no parent would ever want their teenager to do, but they admit that some of these forms of “sex play” still carry a risk of STDs — even though they just said it’s “wrong” to say “the ONLY way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is not having any sex play at all.”
    So despite the “fancy-pants” new look, PP — which calls itself “America’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate” — is still giving self-contradictory advice on how to prevent STDs….
    PP is implying that teens inevitably will — and even should — continue having sex, but as long as they’re practicing “safe” sex “safer” sex and getting tested for STDs once a year, they will continue to be acting “responsibly”.
    This is where Planned Parenthood is hopelessly wrong.
    The truly responsible thing to do is to realize that sex speaks a language of permanent, committed, self-giving love — the type of love that can only exist within marriage — and that outside of marriage, sex can never bring lasting happiness.
    …[T]hey want teens to see [sex outside of marriage] as normal — and, on the other hand, to see chastity as abnormal.

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