JoeArpaio.jpgI love this guy. Known as “America’s toughest sheriff,” Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been featured on Fox News shows many times for his tough stance against illegal aliens.
But Arpaio’s also tough on abortion. He tangled and lost in court to the ACLU in 2005, when according to

Arpaio had prohibited the taking of prisoners for abortions… because taxpayer funds would be involved in the transportation and staff time needed.
Arpaio… said the abortions would violate state laws against public funding of abortions, but a state appeals court ruled unanimously against his policy….

The AZ and U.S. Supreme Courts refused to hear the case so the ruling stuck.
Until then Arpaio had mandated aborting mothers get court orders before he would have officers drive them to a mill. The ACLU sued and won based on the principle that this violated the right to “obtain timely, safe and legal abortions,” according to a press release.
That didn’t stop Arpaio. According to the same ACLU press release, dated July 2:

However, in the course of settlement negotiations, Arpaio decided inmates must prepay transportation and security costs associated with obtaining the procedure.

According to CBS 5 Arpaio is charging $500 for security and transportation:

The sheriff, who is pro-life, said his prepayment requirement has nothing to do with his personal feelings.
“To say I do this for political reason or person, that’s not true,” Arpaio said.
The sheriff said women who cannot pay the transportation charge up front will still be driven to the procedure….
However, the sheriff does not charge any other inmates for transportation.
Sheriff’s deputies drive inmates to other medical appointments, hospital visits with ailing family members and to funerals for free.
The sheriff said his office does charge inmates for any “elective surgery.”
He could not give CBS 5 any examples of any other elective procedures that have occurred during the past 2 years.

So the ACLU is suing again.
I cannot think of any other sort of elective surgery a prison inmate might want – a facelift? tummy tuck? I imagine the prison population typically doesn’t seek elective surgeries. Just because Arpaio couldn’t think of other examples only demonstrates the oddness of abortion.
All of this also demonstrates how abortion has carved out its own illogical niche in the courtroom.
I expect Arpaio will lose this case but I admire his tenacity.
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