Am in DC at the moment and learned more today about the political super-underhandedness to lift a 15-year-old ban on taxpayer funded abortions in DC.
One for instance: A rule introduced on the House floor last night to lift the ban was losing when time ran out. But Democrat leadership refused to lower the gavel, holding the vote open until they had twisted for arms to switch (Berry, Dingell, Minnick, and Peters), and the rule passed 216-213.
bart stupak.jpgOne person on the scene said s/he had never seen Democrat Pro-life Caucus co-leader Bart Stupak so angry. The silver lining is the Democrat communist rule is coalescing pro-life Democrats into a stronger, more determined bloc.
On the Senate side, there was this interesting exchange, as reported by David Freddoso of The Washington Examiner July 16:

In a committee markup last week, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that residents of the District of Columbia have a disproportionately large number of abortions because DC is disproportionately African-American….

In our nation’s capital, 41% of all pregnancies end in abortion, twice the national average given by the Guttmacher Institute. Democrats in Congress are pushing to legalize taxpayer funding for non-lifesaving abortions in DC, which is currently prohibited by federal law and opposed by most Americans.
The issue arose last Thursday when the Senate Appropriations Committee took up the bill that funds the federal district. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) invoking President Bill Clinton’s formulation that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare,” asked why Congress should pursue a policy that will make abortion even more common in DC than it already is.
“41% of pregnancies – that’s not rare,” he said. “We do not need to have more abortions in the District of Columbia.”
Durbin’s reply to this point – and Brownback’s interruption of him – follows below.
dick durbin.jpgDurbin: In terms of safe, legal and rare, to the Senator from KS, I will tell you 2 things. First, it is a fact that a disproportionately large number of African Americans seek abortion in America, not just in the District of Columbia, but all across the nation.
Brownback: 41%?
Durbin: No, but it’s also a fact that a disproportionately large number of African Americans live in the District of Columbia.
Brownback: 41%?
Durbin: I’m telling you, look at the numbers.
Brownback: I’m telling – I’m just asking you, aren’t there enough [abortions] here?
Durbin: Look at the numbers, and you will find this to be true.
Brownback: This – this is not high enough?
Brownback’s amendment to preserve the ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in DC failed, 13-15.

Listen to the audio of Durbin’s jaw-dropping comment here
I don’t know how much more flagrant a black genocide proponent could be. It’s as if Durbin was trying to use our argument to make his case.

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