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  • Marjorie Dannenfelser has a piece in the Weekly Standard entitled “The Abortion Administration,” which discusses, among other items, the current health care plan being pushed through Congress:

    But by now, nearly 6 months in, the bottom line for Barack Obama is clear. After making a few polite noises about finding “common ground” with pro-lifers, his administration has shown zero interest in doing so. Instead, the Obama agenda is to weave government-backed abortion into the fabric of American life and make it a far more integral part of domestic and foreign policy than ever before….

  • Clearly, if Obama’s preferred health reform becomes law, abortion will be defined as a “health benefit” automatically provided to every American family. The Hyde Amendment, which for more than 30 years has banned federal funding for almost all abortions and has enjoyed overwhelming congressional support, will become all but irrelevant once abortion on demand is defined as a universal “health benefit.”


  • Alice Eve Cohen writes about how she considered a late-term abortion and how her husband, who was then her fiance, reacted:

    At my request, he (“an abortion specialist”) scheduled an abortion in Wichita for the following Tuesday. “Think about it for the next few days before you decide,” he said. Then he turned to Michael. “What do you think about all this?”
    “Me? Oh, Jesus … a lot of different things,” Michael answered. “I’ve seen Alice in the throes of this terrible unhappiness, and I don’t recognize her. I’ve been politically in favor of choice, but uncommitted on the personal side — it’s been an abstraction. But now that this is suddenly so real, all I can think is that there’s a baby. Our baby. My baby. And I can’t stand the thought of this baby being aborted. So If Alice has an abortion, I won’t go to Wichita with her. And I might not be here when she gets back. I’ll have my own unbearable sorrow about losing this baby, about endorsing this decision. But I don’t want Alice to kill herself. So she should do what she needs to do.”

  • The AP has an article which provides some depth to the current abortion debate taking place in Spain and the possibility that the proposal to allow 16-year-olds to have abortions without parental consent might get junked:

    The conservative opposition Popular Party asks why a girl who cannot legally buy alcohol can have an abortion without asking her parents. “The inconsistency is crushing,” lawmaker Sandra Moneo wrote in the newspaper El Pais.
    “No father or mother can understand the idea of a minor going through that trauma without the advice, support and opinion of her parents,” Moneo said.
    Zapatero’s camp counters by noting that 16-year-old Spaniards can choose to have open-heart surgery or chemotherapy without parental consent, but not an abortion.
    Tempers have flared on both sides. Conservatives were enraged when Bibiana Aido, the minister of equality, suggested abortion was no bigger an issue than breast enlargement.

  • [Photo attribution: lifecharity.org.uk]

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