Earlier this week the Feminist Majority Foundation sent out an email alert (click to enlarge)…
fmf carhart.jpg
I’d say if FMF donates money to elevate the look of Carhart’s mill from slum dwelling to low-rent shack it will be well invested….

It’s true Operation Rescue is hosting events today and tomorrow, including a picket tomorrow morning at Carhart’s mill. This has pro-aborts alarmed. I think they’re afraid too much air movement around the mill will cause it to collapse.
So while FMF is begging for donations, others are begging for (live) bodies. I was surprised to learn I’m one of the “terrorists” meeting at the mill in a blog post by Aiken Area Progressive. The entire blurb is worth reading, but here are a few fomented excerpts…
urgent terrorists.jpg

… Desperate anti-choice terrorists want to permanently enslave every last American woman….
We cannot allow that to happen. We must win over the forces of evil anywhere they may be — including the evil anti-choice forces here in America…..

carhart mill 666.jpeg

That is why on Friday and Saturday – August 28 and 29 – you need to come to Omaha and defend Dr. Leroy Carhart and his clinic against Randall Terry, Jill Stanek, Patrick Mahoney, Troy Newman and the rest of the terrorists that will show up….
The spineless politicians on Capitol Hill, President Obama, the FBI, the Justice Department and the CIA are all sympathetic to these Christian terrorists. Obama is clearly out of touch with reality if he honestly thinks that we can seek common ground with a terrorist movement whose main objective is to totally strip women of their right to abortion….

carhart mill 6666.jpg

That is why Sunsara Taylor and the rest of us in the pro-choice movement is calling on all Americans who value women’s rights to go to Dr. Carhart’s clinic in Omaha and defend it against the anti-choice terrorists. And since Williston-Elko plays Barnwell on Thursday night, I am strongly urging pro-choice activists in Williston, Elko, Windsor, Barnwell, Kline and Snelling to make the trip to Omaha IMMEDIATELY after the football game is over – if you can.

The last line cracked me up for some reason.
Anyway, placing moi between RT and and Newman, as if either would protest at the same picket at the same time anyway? Talk about out of touch.
So no, I’m sorry I won’t be there, although I’d really like to. But I’ll definitely keep abreast of events via OR on Twitter.

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