The Omaha World Herald reported August 21 that Bellevue, NE, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart had fired 4 of his 10 employees, which became “the subject of a complaint filed with the state about possibly unsafe conditions.” Carhart’s explanation for the terminations, according to OWH:
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Carhart wrote in a letter to his former employees that the layoffs were the result of “the recent decrease in patient numbers and income.”…

And that complaint?

“This is nothing new,” he said. “They are always making stuff up, and they aren’t very credible.”

The NE Attorney General’s office confirmed to Operation Rescue (1 of the groups spearheading the complaints) that it had forwarded it to the NE Dept. of Health and Human Services, “which would be the appropriate regulatory agency,” wrote OWH.
Turns out there was a little more to things. According to OWH today…

The World-Herald spoke with 4 former clinic workers, who agreed to be interviewed only if their names were not used because they feared being sued over confidentiality agreements they said they signed with Carhart….
None of the clinic workers left their jobs by choice.

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Two of the women said they routinely started IVs at Carhart’s clinic though they weren’t registered nurses or certified licensed practical nurses, as required in NE. One was fired from the clinic in June, while the other was laid off this month. There is no indication the women lost their jobs because of their alleged involvement in starting the IVs.
A 3rd former employee, who was fired about 6 years ago, said she frequently administered medication intravenously although she wasn’t a certified LPN. That’s the minimum requirement for the procedure, according to… NDHHS….
Two of the former clinic workers said they were trained by a registered nurse at the clinic and eventually were taught to insert IV needles and to give intravenous medication. One of the women, who had completed no education beyond a high school diploma, said she was starting IVs and administering medication within a few months of starting to work at the clinic.
Another of the former workers said she saw dried blood on an instrument laid out for a procedure.
A 4th former employee said she was concerned for the safety of the patients because she sometimes saw unsanitary conditions while she worked there. She was laid off from the clinic this month.
Three of the women have felony drug convictions. One was convicted after she was let go from the clinic. The 2 others had the convictions on their records before they were hired….
One of the former employees contacted OR through its Web site. Another contacted Larry Donlan, president of Rescue the Heartland. Donlan or his attorney contacted the others….

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Carhart said several months ago that he temporarily would take on late-term abortions after his friend and colleague, Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita, KS, abortion provider, was shot and killed at his church in May….
Carhart specified that he would do 3rd-trimester abortions at the Bellevue clinic only in cases in which the fetus, because of a medical problem, could not survive outside the mother’s body….
Carhart… challenged the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the federal ban in 2007.

[Carhart close-up via the Associated Press

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