I wrote yesterday that smart pro-lifers differ on whether state personhood statutes or constitutional amendments would lead to the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
I linked to a recent column by Americans United for Life’s Clarke Forsythe. Clarke made the case that they wouldn’t.
judie and clarke.jpgNow American Life League’s Judie Brown has rebutted Clarke in a column this afternoon. Be sure to read it.
I think the world of both Judie and Clarke. I, therefore, appreciate Judie’s tone in her albeit firm response. This is the way for colleagues to debate…

… To be honest, Mr. Forsythe is a well-known attorney of some note and he has done great work on state and federal legislation. In other words, he is no slouch! Yours truly is a pro-life leader without a legal background who has spent 40 years of her life studying, learning, sharing and struggling to restore legal personhood to preborn children….
I invite Forsythe to at least think about this, and to know that, even if he continues to take issue with human personhood efforts at the state level or elsewhere, we admire him, we praise him for all the good he has done and we look forward to working with him when possible, without ever surrendering our goal of equal rights for all, born and preborn.

[HT: AmerLifeLeague at Twitter]

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