I agree with USA Today that the timing is “interesting,” although I’ll take it. Jon Gosselin wouldn’t be the 1st rogue to sow wild oats only to find the grass isn’t greener (bad mixed metaphor, sorry):
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Only moments after TLC released the news this morning that Kate is moving on with without Jon, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Jon has submitted court papers to suspend his split with Kate for 90 days.

For whatever reason, I hope the 2 get back together for the sake of their kids. More from Pop Eater:

It’s a busy day in Gosselin-ville. Jon Gosselin is trying to slow down – if not halt altogether – his divorce from Kate Gosselin, telling In Touch Weekly exclusively: “I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated…. I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.” He’s filed paperwork looking to stall the divorce for 90 days “to regain control over the future of our family.”…

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In other news, TLC has announced that Jon & Kate Plus Eight will now be titled Kate Plus Eight, and Jon’s role will be minimized.
Gosselin’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, tells In Touch that his client “woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and didn’t like the reflection.” In turn, Gosselin filed paperwork hoping to stall his divorce from Kate for 90 days, telling In Touch it will “enable Kate and me to restore our relationship as cooperative parents and to open up our lines of communication. I hope that she will be as receptive and enthusiastic as I am to do what is best for our family.”
“Even though we were heading for a divorce, it appeared that Kate had been suffering from this divorce as much as I had. That’s why I asked my attorney to put the brakes on this divorce so I could try to regain control over the future of our family. So Kate and I could join on a cooperative course that would benefit our family – not destroy it,” Jon tells In Touch Weekly….

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The renamed Kate Plus Eight, which begins Nov. 2, will continue to chronicle the lives of the Gosselin kids (5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins) but will also focus on Kate’s role as a single mother.
“It’s not a huge shift, but it’s reflective of where the show was already going,” said Eileen O’Neill, TLC’s president and general manager.
“Jon’s going to be involved in the show,” she said, adding that he will be seen less often than before. TLC retains an exclusive arrangement with him, as well as the rest of the family, O’Neill said….

Finally, a few more tidbits from the LA Times blog

“Given Jon’s recent antics, there was no way the show could continue to portray him as a doting dad, not while all this other crap was going on,” a source tells People.
We’re shocked! You mean people don’t approve of this separated man having sex with nannies, dating tabloid reporters, hanging out in Vegas, and handing off his dogs to their breeder?
The viewership has admittedly dipped dramatically. Only 4.2 million viewers tuned in to see Jon & Kate on Aug. 3. A mere 1.7 million watched last week.

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Apparently, TLC thinks people will come back to watch Kate Gosselin and those adorable kids.
It’s definitely going to be interesting to watch a single mom cope with 8 kids.
Plus Kate has all those other irons in the fire now. Like….
She recently completed a guest-host run on The View, and she reportedly taped a pilot for a talk show on the Food Network.
Hey, maybe they should call the show The Live-In Nanny and Kate plus 8?

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