Randall Terry photo 2, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, abortion, healthcare.jpgYesterday morning as staffers exited the Metro station near the Cannon House Office Building in DC, they were welcomed to their work day by a ghoulish street drama: Randall Terry and followers enacting Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi being tortured in hell.
According to Talking Points Memo the group shouted: “Staffers, Hill rats, join Nancy Pelosi in hell!” and “Kill the bill, not babies.”
Terry’s press release (with contact person Catherine Veritas, clever), stated they were warning Pelosi and Reid of a “wrath to come” for pushing the “child-killing in healthcare.” Here’s video:

Terry’s presser further stated his group planned to take their street play to Pelosi’s office. Don’t know if that happened.
What I find troubling in all this is while the other side scoffs at Terry, and we pro-lifers back away in embarrassment, the day may actually come when Pelosi and Reid find themselves in hell and remember this. Then it won’t be so funny.
Jivin J reported earlier this week on Terry’s Pelosi/Reid Halloween “Burn in hell” video contest.

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