UPDATE, 5p: Pro-lifer Lynn has found the Livonia and Southgate abortion mills advertised online. Clicking on their names will take you to the real estate ad with both exterior and interior photos. Most interesting is they try to conceal the fact these are abortion mills. The waiting rooms are so sad, knowing what patients were waiting for.
alberto hodari, late-term abortions, michigan, dumpster, pro-life, pro-choice.jpgIt was only August 2007 when MI late-term abortionist Albert Hodari’s smiling mug [right] was featured in a Detroit News story as well as a nationwide UPI piece decrying passage of the Partial Birth Abortion Act.
It has been downhill for Hodari ever since.
In November 2007 Hodari was caught on video telling pro-abort students at Wayne State University he had a “license to lie” and that he didn’t wash his hands between abortions.
Then in March 2008 Citizens for a Pro-Life Society found 200+ medical records and aborted baby parts in a dumpster at 1 of Hodari’s 5 mills, although Hodari was neither fined nor penalized.
Now Hodari seems to have a lot hitting at once. He filed for divorce from wife Nancy last week – on his own, no help from an attorneyfor the 2nd time. Click to enlarge…

Hodari divorce, abortion.png
Meanwhile he placed 3 of his 6 mills up for sale, in Flint, Livonia, and Southgate, pictured in that order…
Hodari, flint, abortion 5.jpg
Hodari Southgate  Livonia 021, abortion.jpg
Hodari Southgate  Livonia 004, abortion.jpg
According to LifeSiteNews.com, Hodari owes back taxes on the Flint property.
For interesting slum buyers, the Livonia property includes a garage Hodari had built to house his classic car collection, which apparently grew so large he had to move it to Flint
Hodari classic car collection, abortion.jpg
hodari, classic car, abortion.jpg
Also, Hodari’s medical license is due to expire in 2 months
Hodari, medical license expiring, abortion.png
Although perhaps the State of MI will finally revoke it in light of yet another malpractice lawsuit against Hodari. LifeNews.com reported Hodari was fined $10k this past July for the botched abortion death of another pregnant mother.
[Thanks to MI pro-lifers Judy and Lynn for their help getting information for this post.]

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