When I read NBC’s Law & Order was airing an episode last week “ripped from the headlines” of an abortionist shot in church, i.e., Dr. George Tiller, I, of course, anticipated the plot would not go well for pro-lifers. The most I expected was milliseconds of fairness with pro-abortion clichés ruling the hour.
My, was I surprised. I could have written that script. The episode wasn’t even balanced. It was outright pro-life, not that I mind.
If you haven’t seen the episode, you should. Sans commercials it is only 42 minutes long….
Pro-abort reaction was swift and harsh. Sarah Seltzer at the TedTurner-funded blog RH Reality Check called the episode an “abortion disaster” and “wasteland of TV.”
Kate Harding at Salon accused NBC of spreading “anti-choice propaganda” and “smear[ing] the memory of… Dr. Tiller.”
Ms. Magazine was “appalled by this second assassination” of Dr. Tiller, calling the show “shocking” and “insensitive.”…
Jennifer Boulangerat Women and Hollywood called the show “deeply stigmatizing” and “rife with medical inaccuracies.”
On and on.
The question is: How did this story line come to pass?….

Continue reading my column this week, “Is Hollywood tipping pro-life?” at WorldNetDaily.com.

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