First, the best pro-life political cartoon of the week, via our friend Valerie Jane at, by Toby Toons
cartoon 11-22 toby dial religious extremists.jpg
Next, many cartoonists had something to say about the Dept. of Health and Human Services recommendation this week to scale back mammograms. For example, by John Deering at

cartoon 11-22 john deering gocomics 11-19 government trial balloon mammograms.gif
and by Lisa Benson at
lisa benson.gif
Even liberals like Drew Sheneman at were ticked. Too bad they ignore the foremost reason for breast cancer’s deadly stat: abortion…
cartoon 11-22 drew sheneman gocomics 11-20 stop checking breast cancer.gif
Next, pro-aborts still aren’t getting over the House’s inclusion of the Stupak-Pitts pro-life amendment in its socialized healthcare bill.
by Don Wright at
cartoon 11-22 don wright gocomics 11-18 property of bishops gov bluedogs.gif
by Dan Wasserman at
cartoon 11-22 dan wasserman gocomics 11-18 options pro-choice.gif
and by Joel Pett at
cartoon 11-22 joel pett gocomics 11-17 abortion decision we make.gif
Finally, thanks to uncontrolled legislative spending, the US finds itself in the frightening spot of extreme indebtedness to Communist China. Taking this to extreme ridiculosity is pro-abortion/infanticide President Obama daring to lecture the pro-forced abortion/sterilization/child rationing country on human rights, captured in part by Jim Morin at
cartoon 11-22 jim morin gocomics 11-19 obama begging and lecturing china.gif

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