I’ve read that prison inmates have their own justice system. For instance, child molesters don’t fare well behind bars.
Apparently, even criminals consider abortionists scumbags.
Dr. Erin, abortion, abortionist, pro-life, poison.jpgBritish abortionist Edward Erin was found guilty last month of twice attempting to spike his pregnant mistress’s drink with an unnamed poison “to induce an abortion.”
A November 3 BBC article spends most its time on Erin’s pining wife Lorwi, who disbelieves the incidents ever happened and understands her husband has “had [3 known] affairs as a ‘distraction’ from problems in his personal life, including a number of deaths in his family.” And including a number of deaths he has caused.
Lorwi is listed as a “Dr.” also. Wonder if she’s likewise an abortionist?
Whatever, my eye caught the last lines of the piece:

Dr Erin said her husband was “not being treated well” by other prisoners while in custody.
“He is being called a child murderer,” she said. “He is a state of complete distress – I don’t know how he is going to get through this to be honest.”

Poor thing. The article doesn’t say how much time Erin will serve. Not enough.
Meanwhile, there is a happy ending:

Miss Prowse gave birth to a healthy baby in September 2008.

[Photos via the BBC]

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