UPDATE, 3:57p: Tsk, tsk, Politico, which generally is a lot less biased in its reporting. Here’s the headline…
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And here are those “religious groups” opposing Nelson-Hatch according Politico, reason enough for pro-lifers to support it without even looking…

Catholics for Choice, Disciples Justice Action Center, The Episcopal Church, Jewish Women International, NA’AMAT USA, National Council of Jewish Women, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Washington Office, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, The Religious Institute Union for Reform Judaism, United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries, United Methodist Church-General Board of Church and Society and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Title should have been, “Liberal, pro-abortion, blasphemous, pseudo-religious organizations oppose Nelson amendment.” Read their letter at the link.
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Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgUPDATE, 12:22p: See information on Nelson-Hatch at end of this post.
UPDATE, 12:16p: It looks right now like action on Nelson-Hatch will happen tomorrow. Pro-lifers need to call senators asap.
UPDATE, 12:13p: It is anticipated Reid and Dems will make a motion to table the Nelson-Hatch Amendment. MSM will then proclaim the amendment dead. Pro-life messaging at that point: Unless there is Stupak-PItts/Nelson-Hatch language, we will oppose every motion moving forward, cloture motions, final passage, everything. We can allow senators NO WIGGLE ROOM.
UPDATE, 12:08p: This bill contains the same substantive language as Stupak-Pitts. Laid side-by-side they may look different, but that is due only to the Senate format.
UPDATE, 12:05p: May or may not be voted on today. 2 other amendments to be voted on beforehand and Senate is letting out early for White House Christmas party.
12:01p: Nelson Hatch Amendment.pdf
Information on the Nelson-Hatch amendment:
• The Nelson-Hatch amendment does one very simple thing: it applies the policy of the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for abortion except in the case of rape, incest or life of the mother, to the health care reform bill. The Hyde Amendment policy has been the law of the land on federal funding of abortion in Medicaid since 1977, and it now also applies to all other federally-funded health care programs – including CHIP, Medicare, Medicaid, Indian Health Services, Veterans Health, military health care programs and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
• This language of the Nelson-Hatch Amendment is very close to the Stupak language adopted by the House of Representatives on November 7 by a vote of 240 to 194 and, therefore, was included in the House-passed language.
What Nelson-Hatch does not do
• First, it does not prevent any individual – including those individuals using subsidies to purchase their overall policy through the exchange – from using their own private dollars to purchase a supplemental policy covering abortion. It does not prevent any private insurer from selling such a policy. So the right to buy and sell elective abortion coverage is explicitly affirmed, but federal dollars will not pay for it.
• Second, the Nelson-Hatch amendment does not prevent any individual from purchasing a comprehensive plan that covers abortion, as long as their coverage is not purchased with premium subsidies financed by taxpayer dollars.
• Third, it does not prevent an insurer participating in the Exchange from selling health plans in the Exchange that include elective abortions as long as no federal subsidies are used to purchase the policy and the insurer offers an identical plan without elective abortion coverage to subsidized purchasers.
What Nelson-Hatch does
• The Nelson-Hyde amendment simply applies the Hyde Amendment policy to the government-run plan and private policies purchased using premium subsidies. This is not a new federal abortion policy. The Hyde Amendment and its progeny prohibit direct federal funding of abortion as well as federal funding of overall health care policies that cover abortion. This policy currently applies to the 8 million Americans – including Members of Congress covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program – and should apply to this bill.
• This policy currently applies to the 8 million Americans – including Members of Congress — covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and should apply to this bill. FEHBP covers 8 million Americans; another estimated 53 million are covered by Hyde through Medicaid alone.
• Some might ask why this amendment is necessary if the Hyde Amendment is existing law. The answer is, funding in the health bill is not subject to annual appropriations and therefore not subject to the Hyde provisions contained in the annual Labor-HHS bill. The only way to provide Hyde protection for the government run plan and premium subsidies is to insert Hyde language in the Reid bill.
• And allowing funding for abortion through the government-run plan represents a clear departure from longstanding policy by authorizing the federal government to pay for elective abortion for the first time in decades.
• According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, six in 10 Americans favor a ban on the use of federal funds for abortion. It also indicates that the public may also favor legislation that would prevent many women from getting their health insurance plan to cover the cost of an abortion, even if no federal funds are involved.
• This poll indicates that 61 percent of the public opposes the use of public money for abortions for women who cannot afford the procedure, with 37 percent in favor of allowing the use of federal funds.
• In November, a Washington Post poll indicated that 61% of the people polled believe that the private health insurance using government assistance to help pay for it should not be allowed to pay for coverage of abortion.
• A poll conducted by International Communications Research found that 68% of the individuals polled said if the choice were up to them, they would not want their own insurance policy to cover abortion.

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