abortion is not healthcare.jpgUDPATE, 12:23: Specifics on the Mikulski abortion loophole from a DC source:

Pro-life leaders opposed the amendment because it provides authority that could be used to mandate abortion coverage in private insurance plans. It specifies that anything classified as preventive care or screenings for women by the Health Resource and Services Administration would become a mandated covered service. Therefore, if HRSA recommended abortion as a preventive care, insurance plans would have to cover abortion.
Pro-life organizations advocated for simple language to ensure abortion would not be mandated, but no clarifying language was added.

12:11p: Read LifeNews.com for details.
Here is the 61-39 vote breakdown. 3 Republicans voted FOR the amendment and 2 Democrats voted AGAINST. Republicans were Collins, Snowe, and Vitter. Democrats were Feingold and Nelson….

Although the Mikulski Amendment is billed as providing more preventative measures for women, such as mammograms, it includes an abortion loophole. (See loophole details in update above.)
But contrary to friend Erick Erickson’s RedState.com’s analysis this morning, GOP leaders did not throw pro-lifers under the bus by not filibustering the bill.
The GOP demanded the same 60-vote threshold to pass Mikulski as it would take the other side to stop a filibuster, and Democrats acquiesced to their demand.
In other words, the Mikulski Amendment been brought up for a vote no matter what. But Republicans were able to slow the entire process for 2 days, using the time to expose more of the Democrats’ agenda. The ticking clock is our friend.
Meanwhile the Republicans’ Murkowski Amendment, which would have closed the abortion loophole, failed 41-59.

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