NARAL has posted a list of prospective 2009 inductees into its Hall of Fame and Shame.
This being opposite world, whoever NARAL lists as good is bad and vice versa, making its nominees particularly interesting to pro-lifers. Click to enlarge…
NARAL Hall of Fame, abortion 2.png
Translating the Baltimore City Council kudos, in November it became the 1st in the nation to pass an ordinance requiring pregnancy care centers to post signage indicating they do not commit abortions, refer for abortions, or provide contraception….

At the same time the council defeated a measure to force abortion mills to post signage indicating they do not provide FREE pregnancy tests, FREE ultrasounds, FREE STD testing or treatment, FREE abstinence education, FREE prenatal care, FREE baby clothes, FREE childbirth and childcare classes, or FREE etc., etc., etc., like pregnancy care centers do.
On to NARAL’s Hall of Shame nominees…
NARAL, HAll of Shame, abortion 3.png
The only person both pro-lifers and pro-aborts would agree should be in a Hall of Shame would be Sen. Ben Nelson, the sad sap. He may have started out supporting a Stupak-like amendment to socialized healthcare in the Senate but turned coat.
jan brewer, abortion.jpgI note NARAL didn’t describe the 4 “anti-choice measures” signed into law by AZ’s Gov. Brewer (pictured right, and who incidentally was appointed governor after pro-abort Janet Napolitano accepted the higher task of targeting pro-lifers en total as potential domestic terrorists as head of the Dept. of Homeland Security), so I will: 1) partial birth abortion ban; 2) ban against nonphysicians committing abortions; 3) conscience protection of pro-life healthcare workers not to participate in abortion; 4) informed consent that includes a 24-hour waiting period and explanation of risks of abortion.
About the OK law, you would think pro-aborts would want to understand why mothers abort. OK’s new reporting law, if and when enacted, will require abortionists to ask aborting mothers 37 questions such as age, marital status, and financial status – all anonymously – to be posted online. All this to increase understanding of why women do it. I thought pro-aborts wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and RARE.” How can we make it rare if we don’t understand why?
And hey, congrats to Personhood USA! We just started running an ad today by, sponsored by GA Right to Life, big personhood movement supporters.

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