by Carder
Aftershocks abound from the Scott Brown victory in MA last week. Not to be excluded are EMILY’S List operatives. From The Daily Caller, January 23:

EMILY’s List, one of many progressive activist groups recovering from Tuesday’s coup.. in MA… has left some Democrats questioning the group’s coordination with candidates and its narrow focus on pro-choice women.

EMILY's List Coakley.png[JLS note: Ad on right is from 1 of 3 emails EMILY’s List sent to its list to raise $ for Coakley: December 8 and January 9 and 11.]

Just one week before the election, EMILY’s List spent $25k on negative ads bolstering Democratic rival Martha Coakley…. It used its 100k-member mailing list to appeal to its supporters, but some say the effort was too little, too late….

“I think EMILY’s List has done a terrific job of promoting liberal, Democratic candidates,” said Democratic strategist Dick Morris. “But I do feel that they emphasize liberalism over feminism. They are really a pro-choice pressure group, not an organization designed to help women to get elected.”

Still, Ellen Malcolm shows no sign of backing down….

EMILY’s List president Malcolm said in a statement after the race that the group had been ineffective at reaching independents, the key voting bloc in Tuesday’s race.
“Polling showed that independents had a favorable view of Coakley, yet Brown had a significant advantage in support among those voters,” Malcolm said. “This same shift among independents was a factor behind recent Democratic losses in VA and NJ.”
Malcom, who is stepping down later this year, said EMILY’s List is returning to the drawing board.
“EMILY’s List is conducting a thorough analysis of the race to help us understand how to better help our women candidates running this November,” she said. “However, one message already is crystal clear: November promises to be a tough election and Democrats must work together to win.”

It’ll be tougher still if pro-aborts can’t sell Independents on paying for abortion in healthcare, which they can’t.
But in the end Rule #1 is: Never put down a candidate’s truck!

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