UPDATE, 1/25, 9:40p: This comment and photo come from reader xalisae:

Here, I figured since one of her kids was holding a sign for abortion, we should get the other one in the picture. Now the gang’s all here!

i was a choice, too, abortion.jpg______________
DCish, March for Life, abortion, toddler 1.jpg
1/24, 3:28p: Blogger Kriston Capps wrote on DCist January 23:

Evidently the right-to-life or anti-choice movement is made up of cute young people and cranky-looking old men. Oh, and toddlers….

Kriston was referring to 20 photos she posted, although as an aside I only spotted one subject in all of them who might possibly qualify as a “cranky-looking old m[a]n.” Kriston, yet another lemming.
But what really got my attention were the photos of toddlers carrying pro-abort signs, which is honestly disgusting….

It makes total sense for children to be a component of pro-life marches. But it is grotesque for those marching to protect preborn child killing to brandish postborn children holding signs promoting preborn child killing…
DCish, March for Life, abortion, toddle 2.jpg
Then there was this one, with the caption, “Abortion rights marchers Norman Luce, left, and Roxanne Strohmeier stop to visit 18-month-old Cyrus Zardkoohi-Shaw and his mother Allissa Shaw, the associate vice president of Planned Parenthood in Mar Monte, during a march in Los Altos on Jan. 22….”
Los Altos, Planned Parenthood, Allissa Shaw, abortion, pro-choice, pro-abortion, pro-life.JPG
What fakes, all. The smiling man and photo-taking woman would have been just as happy to see little Cyrus dead. Meanwhile his mom makes her living off of killing babies. (Yes, her mill aborts.)
Ugh ugh ugh
[Top 2 photos by meeshypants at DCish; bottom photo via MercuryNews.com]

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