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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • 2 Seconds Faster has some interesting tidbits regarding the new abortion “supercenter” being built in Houston, TX. It appears that, once again, Planned Parenthood has plopped one of their chop shops conveniently close to a minority neighborhood and a minority-rich college campus. The clinic’s design even resembles a cash register. Ka-ching!

  • LaShawn Barber draws our attention to a LiveAction article on Rebecca Kiessling, a woman who was conceived in rape and nearly aborted by her mother. The illegality of abortion at the time played a large role in saving Rebecca’s life.

  • Albert Mohler has a post regarding the “new religion” of environmentalism, or, as one author calls it, “green guilt.” Mohler also has some insights about “being religious” in general:
  • Even the most cursory look at the world’s cultures will indicate the religious fervor that characterizes humanity. The only observers who seem shocked by this universal phenomenon are the secularists and the prophets of secularization theory who were absolutely certain that religious faith and religious fervor would disappear in the modern world….
    And yet, the intellectual elites are not so secular as they believe themselves to be. As it happens, their religion may not be theistic, but it is a religion all the same….
    …Therapy replaces theology; the analyst replaces the minister; psychotropic drugs become the sacraments; and confessing one’s misdeeds on Oprah substitutes for the confession of sin. Some of the most obviously religious individuals on earth are those who genuinely insist that they are free from any religious beliefs at all.

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