UPDATE, 1/20, 4:05a: Received this note:

Fantastik, Jill! Today is a great day. I prayed that Scott Brown would win and he did. I am following all you pro-lifers, and I wish you all well. Keep up the good work Jill. Best wishes from Denmark.

UPDATE, 1/19, 10p: Statement from Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

I want to congratulate Senator-elect Scott Brown on his decisive victory. There’s a reason the nation was focused on this race: The voters in MA, like Americans everywhere, have made it abundantly clear where they stand on health care. They don’t want this bill and want Washington to listen to them. Americans are investing their hopes in good Republican candidates to reverse a year-long Democrat trend of ignoring the American people on the issues of health care, spending and the growth of government.

scott brown ma.jpgUPDATE, 1/19, 9:30p:Fox is reporting Coakley has called Brown and conceded.
The Boston Globe website has crashed as has MichelleMalkin.com and HotAir.com.
1/19, 9:20p: I flew in to DC this afternoon and am with my pro-life peeps watching MA election results.
Fox is reporting Brown is at 53%, Coakley at 46%. Fox reports the Associated Press just declared him the winner!

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