UPDATE, 2/8, 6:55a: Here’s more of an obit at NewsObserver.com.
Susan Hill 1.jpg2/3, 6:53p: If it’s true these things happen in 3s, here’s the final death in an abortion trilogy. First, abortionist George Tiller, then abortionist Eugene Glick, and now abortion chain owner Susan Hill.
Here’s RH Reality Check’s memorial, no longer publicly posted on its site but available at Operation Save America.
Hill died on January 30 at age 61. This video says Hill had lung cancer, and this article states she died of breast cancer. If it was breast cancer, she doesn’t appear to have birthed any live children, which would have protected her against it. If Hill had an abortion or hormonal contraceptive history, which also would have increased her risk, they are unknown….

Hill was president of the National Women’s Health Foundation, which collected donations to fund abortions of poor pregnant mothers.
Hill also headed the National Women’s Health Organization, “a pioneering group of [abortion] clinics,” according to the Southern History Oral Program. At 1 point Hill/NWHO owned 11 mills but were down to 4 at the time of her death, including the last mill in MS located in Jackson.
Two weeks after the Roe v. Wade decision Hill and a partner opened the 1st mill in FL, the EPOC mill in Orlando. This is the infamous mill now owned by James Pendergraft, where baby Rowan was aborted alive in 2005 and allowed to die (the death the movie 22 Weeks was based upon).
Hill, a social worker by trade, is said to have been responsible for the deaths of 400,000 children aborted at her mills.
Hill was also a part of the infamous NOW vs. Scheidler lawsuit.
Here is a video bio of Hill, made in 2007 when she received the Nancy Susan Reynolds Award

In June 2009 Hill was Rachel Maddow’s guest to memorialize Tiller…

A June 1, 2009, Salon story about Tiller, included this:

Susan Hill, President of NWHF, who knew Dr. Tiller for over 2 decades and referred girls and women to his clinic, said in a phone interview, “We always sent the really tragic cases to Tiller.” Those included women diagnosed with cancer who needed abortions to qualify for chemotherapy, women who learned late in their pregnancies that their wanted babies had fatal illnesses, and rape victims so young they didn’t realize they were pregnant for months. “We sent him 11-year-olds, 12-year-olds who were way too far along for anybody [else] to see,” said Hill. “11-year-olds don’t tell anybody. Sometimes they don’t even know they’ve had a period.”

About Susan’s soul, we know she was presented the Gospel. This comes from Flip Benham of OSA:

Susan Hill died yesterday morning, Monday, February 1, 2010. We had run into each other on several occasions over the years – at abortion mills or debating on TV. We all liked, her even though her opinion of us was less than shared.

Susan Hill 2.jpg

She had many opportunities to hear and be challenged by the Gospel of Christ, but never appeared much interested. She truly believed that killing children was the right thing to do, and that a woman’s right to choose always eclipsed a child’s right to live.
We went to visit her at her home in Raleigh, NC, a few years ago desiring to share Jesus with her. We passed out hundreds of flyers to the folks in her neighborhood and passer’s by.
Susan [on far right in photo above] is alive right now and very conscious of her whereabouts and her sinful and wicked ways. Now, however, there is no time to repent. That time has passed her by.
There is only the fearful judgment of Almighty God who will bring justice to bear on those who have slaughtered His children. She will never be able to say that she was not warned. The Hound of Heaven sought after her heart on so many different occasions. But then, maybe she did cry out to Jesus for forgiveness? I certainly hope so….

[HT: Mary Q.; top photo of Hill via Operation Save America]

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